I was born in Argentina, and I’m currently living there, in a lovely small town, San Rafael, in Mendoza, a famous state for its export quality wine. Although I wish it was the town of Chocolate instead.

My studio, I’d say is everywhere I land my feet on haha. That’s the love I have for creating, tools, materials, ideas. Of course, I do have main zones that I could call Studio… one, Studio two… 🙂

I graduated first from a master’s in computer science at the university, where I’m currently teaching about Python programming.

In arts, my major activities are children’s illustration, portraiture, and birds, and all of them in quite different styles among each other. I need to change mediums and styles or I get easily bored.

I sign my works as Catru; short, easy with a personal history behind.

My style tends to be whimsical and fun. Although I get serious when doing pencil portraits. Ok, not me, but the portraits are serious…

I’ve illustrated 3 picture books so far.
Shimmer: Songs of Night, by Raven Howell
My Bigger Than an Elephant Secret, by Kelly Johnstone
Glimmer, Sing of Sun! by Raven Howell (sequel to Shimmer)

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